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Double-Acting Continuous Hinge

Pemko Double Acting Continuous Hinge in closed position

  • A new double acting continuous hinge is now available as a barricade resistant solution.

  • Pemko has released this hinge which provides 100 degrees of swing in the normal direction and 90 degrees in the emergency swing direction.  It can be electrified for use with door alarms, electric locks and other electrified hardware and is still a ligature resistant hinge.

Typical Open Position

Emergency Open Position

  • These will allow doors to typically swing into rooms such as patient rooms as well as Group Rooms, Activity Rooms and other rooms in which patients may have the opportunity to barricade themselves.  These hinges may be used with existing door frames (may require some modification) as long as the minimum required clear opening width can be maintained.  This hinge does reduce the clear opening width by 2 ¾”.

Door Stop in Typical Position

Door Stop in Emergency Position

  • The companion operable stop extends the full height of the door for both security and to close the gap between the edge of the door and the frame.  It securely locks in place with a key and is mounted on a continuous hinge so it easily swings out of the way for emergency operation and swings back into position and relocks after the emergency passes.  A rabbeted stop or applied channel may required on the strike jamb to allow the operable stop to swing out of the way of the door when swinging out into the corridor depending on the position of the door in the frame.

  • This, and other double acting continuous hinges, is easier to install and adjust than center pivot hinges and provides fewer ligature attachment points.  The gaps at both edges of the door are covered to provide better sound control as well as light and visibility resolution without add on strips that may become ligature hazards.

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