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Safety Reviews (PSSR)

BHFC Design staff visits existing provider’s facilities as part of their continuing improvement process to make suggestions of changes that could be considered to improve patient and staff safety and improving the therapeutic environment of each facility.

A comprehensive report is compiled detailing the findings and suggesting solutions to the identified issues including suggestions of specific products to be used and contact information for use in obtaining them.

Safety for both patients and staff are primary concerns for all mental + behavioral health facilities. The Five Levels of Environmental Safety Risk Assessment are utilized in discussions with staff and other multi-disciplinary users to determine the level of risk in each location to inform the suggested environmental solutions.

Environmental Safety Risk Assessment Matrix

The Environmental Safety Risk Assessment Matrix is utilized in discussions with the users to determine the level of risk in each location to inform the suggested solutions.

Level I:


Patients not allowed – staff areas

Level II:


Areas behind self-closing and self-locking doors - patients highly supervised and not left alone

Level III:


Not behind self-locking and self-locking doors - patients may spend time with minimal supervision

Level IV:


Patients spend a great deal of time alone

Level V:


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