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Innovative Ligature Resistant Products

We strive to increase the awareness of facilities and designers regarding the current design trends and latest products that have been developed which are safer to use in these environments.

Below we have highlighted select, new, innovative products that have been released since the publication of the current edition of the Design Guide. For a more comprehensive listing of ligature resistant behavioral health products please visit the current edition of the Behavioral Health Design Guide.  

Spec furniture rocking chair 2  #483b-mi


En-Suite Patient Bathroom Door w/Shower Door Options


Safehinge – Primera’s Wanford En-Suite Bathroom Door

Safehinge – Primera’s Wanford En-Suite Bathroom Door is a pair of vinyl wrapped foam doors mounted on hinges that are fixed to the wall or door frame and to which the doors attach with magnets that will release under load. There is an option that requires staff intervention to reinstall the doors if desired to alert staff to patients tampering with doors.

Safehinge-Primera (UK)



Kingsway’s In-Suite Patient Bathroom Assembly #SHDUS02

Kingsway’s In-Suite Patient Bathroom Assembly #SHDUS02 utilizes a plastic door and is available to fit either a double rabbeted frame or cased opening.


If a full-size, tight-fitting lockable door is needed, the hinges and rubber fin can be used with a wood door mounted on their double-swing hinge fitted with a ligature-resistant restrictor cap that also limits the swing to outward only and a rubber fin mounted on the strike side of the door frame that also has a ligature resistant cap.  This fin reduces the risk of the pinch point at the strike jamb. An over-door alarm, classroom function deadbolt that engages the head of the frame (with a ligature-resistant turn piece that will retract the bolt, but not extend it), two flush pulls mounted back to back (larger pulls available for ADA accessible rooms), and a roller ball or magnetic latch will be needed to complete the installation.


A version of the plastic En-Suite door is available with a bottom seal for use on shower stalls.

Kingsway Group USA
2807 Samoset Road
Royal Oak, MI 48073
P: 800-783-7980

Sliding En-Suite Bathroom Door


Ligature Resistant Sliding Door System

This system Accurate Lock and Hardware is a ligature-resistant set of hardware that provides a lockable in-suite patient bathroom door that can eliminate issues with swinging door conflicts or floor space issues as long as there is wall surface for it to slide over in the open position. Ligature resistant pulls and locking hardware are available for this configuration. A frame system for use with this hardware is also available which greatly simplifies its installation in both new and existing facilities.

Accurate Lock and Hardware
1 Annie Place, Stamford, CT 06902
P: 203-348-8865


Security Glass Mirror in Ligature Resistant Wood Frame


RAO Contract Sales Hybrid Safety Mirror in Guardian Frame

RAO’s glass/poly/glass security glazing mirror is now available in their ligature-resistant wood frame to provide a more residential appearance for patient bathrooms. All screw holes can be plugged with wood dowels like those shown in the top of the frame in the accompanying image.


392 Atwood Place

Wyckoff, NJ 07481

P: 800-445-7065

Anti-Ligature Grab Bar


KG270-278 Anti-Ligature Grab Bar Kingsway Group USA

Kingsway’s Grab Bars are ligature-resistant, self-draining and may be installed on a slight slope to facilitate drainage. They provide a high degree of safety and are also easy to clean and sanitize. They are aluminum and available in several colors of powder coated finish.

Kingsway Group USA

2807 Samoset Road, Suite 200

Royal Oak, MI 48073

P: 800-783-7980

Semi-Recessed Toilet Paper Holder


Whitehall’s Best Care Toilet Paper Holder

Whitehall’s Best Care toilet paper holder is semi-recessed so it works in a typical 3.5 inch stud wall and is ligature resistant. The spring-loaded buttons hold the paper without the need for a spindle.

Whitehall Manufacturing

P.O. Box 3527

City of Industry, CA 91744-0527

P: 800-782-7706


Solid Surface Toilet Fixture – ligature resistant, extended, disabled, back to wall, front mount


Intersan Solid Surface Toilet Fixture

This toilet fixture is made from very durable solid surface material, has integral seat, floor mounted, fits tight to wall, allows all pipes to be concealed and can be installed from the room side which simplifies installation in existing buildings.

Intersan Manufacturing Company
1748 West Fillmore Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
P: 602-254-3101

Dual Quick Connect – Wall Mounted Shower Head with Integral Diverter


Intersan Ligature Resistant Shower Head

Intersan’s ligature resistant shower head with integral quick-disconnect fitting and internal diverter valve reduces the clutter of individual items and helps reduce the institutional look of ADA accessible showers.

Intersan Manufacturing Company
1748 West Fillmore Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
P: 602-254-3101

Ligature-Resistant, ADA Compliant Corterra Cast Solid Surface Corner Basin


Whitehall Manufacturing’s Corner Wall-Hung Solid Surface Lavatories

Make ligature attachment difficult and some come with the ADA required 18” space from the wall to the center line of the drain and matching pipe enclosure.

Whitehall Manufacturing

P.O. Box 3527

City of Industry, CA 91744-0527

P: 800-782-7706

Ligature-Resistant Linear Drain with Flashing Flange


BestCare® Ligature-Resistant Linear Drain with Flashing Flange WHLD Series

Whitehall’s ligature resistant floor drains that offer fewer opportunities for ligature attachment or patients abrading their skin are preferred over more traditional drain grates.

Whitehall Manufacturing

P.O. Box 3527

City of Industry, CA 91744-0527

P: 800-782-7706


Electronic Monitoring and Control – Metal Detectors


Metrasens Proscreen 200

Ferrous metal detectors that are less institutional are now available for use in behavioral health facilities. This particular unit requires the patient or visitor to turn around in front of the device, but not walk through it.


2150 Western Court, Suite 360

Lisle, IL 60532

P: 630-541-6509

Gig Light Fixture


Visa Lighting Gig Light Fixture with BH1 mounting bracket & polycarbonate lens

Gig light fixture by Visa Lighting is a small individual reading light can be provided to give reading light or can be conveniently located to allow patients to turn on a small light for assistance with seeing when getting up in the middle of the night.

Visa Lighting
1717 W. Civic Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53209
P: 800-788-8472

Tamper-Resistant Patient Telephones


JP3500 Armored Courtesy Phone

Stainless steel security type telephones for patient use manufactured by G-Tel are suggested to be their JP3500 Armored Courtesy Phones. The G-Tel phones listed in the Behavioral Health Design Guide in Editions prior to 7.4 (February 2018) are not recommended for use in these facilities.

G-Tel Enterprises, Inc.

16840 Clay Road, #118

Houston, TX 77084

P: 800-884-4835


Rocking Chair


Spec Furniture's Hardi Rocking Chair

Spec Furniture’s Hardi rocking chair provides patients the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of rocking motion is a relatively safe, comfortable manner that is shape to resist being easily picked-up and thrown.

Bed with Available Removable Restraint Loop


Norix Attenda Bed with available removable restraint loop

Seclusion/Restraint Rooms have an issue in that if the room is used for seclusion and the patient is not in restraints, the loops used to attach the restraint straps to the bed are ligature attachment risks for the patient. Norix now has developed a solution to this situation with a bracket that bolts to the bed/floor that has a removable restraint loop. Each lop needs to be installed or removed individually, but this should only take a few seconds per loop.

Norix Group, Inc.

1800 W. Hawthorne Lane, Suite N

West Chicago, IL 60185

P: 800-234-4900

Behavioral Health Furniture


Pineapple Contract Furniture

Pineapple furniture company has an interesting line of behavioral health furniture that is specifically designed for these facilities. Items range from sand-ballasted seating for patient rooms and dining rooms (Ryno) to lounge furniture (Domus and Skye Plus) and even bean bag type seating (Boden Series) without zippers for comfort rooms and other areas for adolescent patients.

Pineapple Contracts
1238 Anderson Court
Clawson, MI 48017
P: 800-496-9324


Flexible Wall Protection


Ricochet Flexible Wall Protection

Inpro’s Ricochet flexible wall protection combines the impact protection qualities of rigid panels with the flexibility of conventional wall covering materials.

Inpro Corporation

S80 W18766 Apollo Drive

Muskego, WI 53150

P: 800-222-5556

Integral Cove Base


Sika Corporation Integral Base – No Top Trim Strip Required

Sika Corporation now has a detail for the top edge of an integral cove base to use with their liquid applied flooring material that does not require a trim strip. The trim strips typically used in this application are very problematic in behavioral health facilities.

Sika Corporation

201 Polito Avenue

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

P: 800-933-7452

Tamper Resistant Accessible Ceiling System


Armstrong Ceiling’s Metal Works Vector System

One solution to achieving an accessible ceiling system that is also tamper resistant and uses the existing ceiling grid system may be Armstrong Ceiling’s Metal Works Vector system. It requires removal of the  existing ceiling tile and installation of specialty 2’x2’ metal ceiling panels with tamper resistant screws in the recessed joints between the tiles to resist removal. This system utilizes tamper resistant screws in the recesses between panels which can be removed with use of a special tool to allow access at any point and is available with sound absorbing options.

Armstrong Ceilings – Metalworks
P: 877-276-7876

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