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Ligature Resistant Picture Frames

Frames that are safe for displaying artwork, regulatory information, mirrors and other items within behavioral healthcare environments have long been a problem. This extends far beyond simply replacing the typical glass with polycarbonate or other break resistant material. The frame components and attachment method often provide ligature attachment issues or are easily removed and broken into objects that could be used as weapons.

There is a product line of which I recently became aware that addresses most, if not all of these concerns.  That is the Vandal and Abuse resistant Picture Frames by Custom Design Frameworks (  There are a variety of materials including solid surface frames that fit tightly to the wall and are secured with tamper resistant screws.  Some even have easily removable mat board panels that can easily slide in and out of the frame so patients can personalize what they want to have on display in their rooms.

While these frames are straight and true, the walls they are to be mounted on may not be as accurately built.  The use of a pick resistant sealant at the top edges may be needed in certain situations.

Overall, these products are worth investigating for use in behavioral health facilities, in my opinion.

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