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Doing something we love, in such a way that adds value to the lives of patients and staff, by consulting with organizations and design teams

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We are committed to improving the built environment for mental + behavioral health patients and the staff that assist them by consulting with owners, design teams, and contractors. 

At the core of our practice is a desire to expand the knowledge of how to design buildings and develop products that will enhance the experience for all who come in contact with mental + behavioral health facilities by working closely and consulting with owners, design teams, and contractors. 

Behavioral Health Facility Consulting


We strive to increase the awareness of facilities and designers regarding the current design trends and latest products that have been developed which are safer to use in these environments.


We routinely publish white papers in peer reviewed journals, write articles in trade magazines, and speak at international, national and state behavioral health care conferences.

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design and construction projects


states and British Columbia







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Our team has participated in the design and construction of over 40 mental + behavioral health care facilities in 20 states plus three projects in British Columbia, Canada.

These projects have a combined total of over 2,000 patient beds and a total construction cost of over $700 million. In addition to these construction projects, +60 facilities in 25 states have been visited, and Patient and Staff Safety Reviews conducted to identify potential hazards in existing units and to provide assistance with resolving these issues with cost effective solutions that both increase safety and reduce the institutional appearance of the patients’ environment.

Design Guide

A new edition of the Behavioral Health Design Guide has been published and is available for download, Design Guide January 2022.


This edition marks the 25th revision of this whitepaper that was originally posted in 2003. 

Design Guide

“As a Design Builder, we were under some serious pressure to renovate [three separate hospital inpatient behavioral health] units to current standards very quickly. We interviewed several consultants to assist us with design recommendations, it was immediately apparent that none were as competent in Joint Commission requirements as BHFC. Their comprehensive approach, participation in JC studies and their widely accepted Behavioral Health Design Guide were just a few of our considerations that set them worlds apart from their competition. We are on our fourth facility with BHFC now, and as a Design Builder, I sleep well at night knowing that the patients in our facilities are safer because of Kimberly.”

Client, Michigan
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