Rocking Chair

Spec Furniture’s Hardi rocking chair provides patients the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of rocking motion is a relatively safe, comfortable manner that is shape to resist being easily picked-up and thrown.

Spec Furniture



Norix Attenda Bed with available removable restraint loop

Seclusion / Restraint Rooms have an issue in that if the room is used for seclusion and the patient is not in restraints, the loops used to attach the restraint straps to the bed are ligature attachment risks for the patient.  Norix now has developed a solution to this situation with a bracket that bolts to the bed/floor that has a removable restraint loop.  Each lop needs to be installed or removed individually, but this should only take a few seconds per loop.

Norix Group, Inc.

1800 W. Hawthorne Lane, Suite N

West Chicago, IL 60185



Pineapple Contract furniture

Pineapple furniture company has an interesting line of behavioral health furniture that is specifically designed for these facilities. Items range from sand-ballasted seating for patient rooms and dining rooms (Ryno) to lounge furniture (Domus and Skye Plus) and even bean bag type seating (Boden Series) without zippers for comfort rooms and other areas for adolescent patients.

Pineapple Contracts
1238 Anderson Court
Clawson, MI 48017