Construction Project List


Collaborate with your design team on all phases of a project to assist with understanding the up to the minute issues, design philosophies and products available for use in psychiatric hospitals.  This will include assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each to insure that informed decisions are made.

  • Programming – Define unique characteristics of each facility and identify how those elements translate into the needed space requirements.  Considerations include the average length of stay, age of patients, diagnosis, acuity and staffing patterns.
  • Schematic Design – Assure that the appropriate attention is given so the following factors will allow the project to move smoothly and interruptions will not be needed in later phases to correct deficiencies that could have been resolved in this phase.  Considerations include critical adjacencies being created, observation of corridors is possible, HIPAA considerations are addressed, proper ratios of space per patient for various areas are provided and the flow of service functions create minimal intrusion of patient areas.
  • Design Development – Assist with determining the optimum development of spaces, observation, flow of patient and staff functions.  Also provide insight into the selection and design of finishes, cabinet work and equipment including outline specification information for specialized products as required for this phase.
  • Construction Documents – Review progress sets and final documents with regard to successful detailing and inclusion of features decided upon in earlier phases.
  • Construction Administration – Review shop drawing submittals for consistency with agreed upon patient and staff safety concerns expressed in the final construction documents to help assure that the design intent is carried out in the completed project.