Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Brooklyn, New York
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Project Description

A 25 bed inpatient behavioral health inpatient remodeling project for acute adult patient population.  Innovative lighting and finishes assist with creating a welcoming, calming environment which can help the patients be receptive to the treatment they will receive from the clinical staff.

Our Work

BHFC Design consulted on providing a comforting, relaxing environment which is also safe for patients and staff.


Services provided:

  • Helping assure the program met required standards

  • Patient and staff flow was optimized

  • Adjacencies and observation were addressed

  • Appropriate products were specified and installed correctly

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Project Statistics & Relevance




square feet


year of completion

Renovation, Adult Behavioral Health Population



Dr. Jane Lederer

Medical Director

P: (718) 604-5000

Architect of Record:

Bernstein & Associates

New York, NY


Paul Warchol