Electronic Monitoring and Control – Metal Detectors

Ferrous metal detectors that are less institutional are now available for use in behavioral health facilities.  This particular unit requires the patient or visitor to turn around in front of the device, but not walk through it.

Metal Detectors

Metrasens; Proscreen 200


2150 Western Court, Suite 360

Lisle, IL 60532





Visa Lighting; Gig with BH1 mounting bracket & polycarbonate lens

Gig Light fixture by Visa Lighting is a small individual reading light can be provided to give reading light or can be conveniently located to allow patients to turn on a small light for assistance with seeing when getting up in the middle of the night.

Visa Lighting
1717 W. Civic Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53209



Tamper-Resistant Patient Telephones

Stainless steel security type telephones for patient use manufactured by G-Tel are suggested to be their JP3500 Armored Courtesy Phones.  The G-Tel phones listed in the Behavioral Health Design Guide in Editions prior to 7.4 (February 2018) are not recommended for use in these facilities.

JP3500 Armored Courtesy Phone

G-Tel Enterprises, Inc.

16840 Clay Road, #118

Houston, TX 77084