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November 2018 Edition 7.4

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A new edition of the Behavioral Health Design Guide has been published and is available for download here, Design Guide 7.4 – Nov. 2018. This is edition marks the twentieth revision of this white paper that was originally posted in 2003.  It is available free of charge via download as a service to the industry in an attempt to provide current information regarding products and philosophies that are better for use in psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health facilities.

I have the privilege of sharing the duties of authoring this document with David Sine, the president of Safety Logic Systems.  It is a compilation of our combined seventy years of experience in designing, facility management and risk management and operation of these facilities.  We are also aided by many individuals active in the field with their comments regarding what does (and doesn’t) enhance patient and staff safety in these facilities.

This Edition 7.4 includes over 40 products that were not in the February 2018 Edition and the CSI numbering system format for the products is included in the Appendix.  Index is included with page numbers for the various sections to help users with finding the specific items they need.


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