En-Suite Patient Bathroom Door w/Shower Door Option

Safehinge – Primera’s Wanford En-Suite Bathroom Door is a pair of vinyl wrapped foam doors mounted on hinges that are fixed to the wall or door frame and to which the doors attach with magnets that will release under load.  There is an option that requires staff intervention to reinstall the doors if desired to alert staff to patients tampering with doors.





En-Suite Patient Bathroom Door w/Shower Door Option

Swing Hinge & Rubber Hinge w/ top Plates

Kingsway SHDUS02

Kingsway’s in-suite patient bathroom assembly #SHDUS02 utilizes a plastic door and is available to fit either a double rabbeted frame or cased opening.

If a full-size, tight-fitting lockable door is needed, the hinges and rubber fin can be used with a wood door mounted on their double-swing hinge fitted with a ligature-resistant restrictor cap that also limits the swing to outward only and a rubber fin mounted on the strike side of the door frame that also has a ligature resistant cap.  This fin reduces the risk of the pinch point at the strike jamb. An over-door alarm, classroom function deadbolt that engages the head of the frame (with a ligature-resistant turn piece that will retract the bolt, but not extend it), two flush pulls mounted back to back (larger pulls available for ADA accessible rooms), and a roller ball or magnetic latch will be needed to complete the installation.

A version of the plastic En-Suite door is available with a bottom seal for use on shower stalls.

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Sliding En-Suite Bathroom Door

This system y Accurate Lock and Hardware is a ligature-resistant set of hardware that provides a lockable in-suite patient bathroom door that can eliminate issues with swinging door conflicts or floor space issues as long as there is wall surface for it to slide over in the open position. Ligature resistant pulls and locking hardware are available for this configuration.  A frame system for use with this hardware is also available which greatly simplifies its installation in both new and existing facilities.

Ligature Resistant Sliding Door System

Accurate Lock and Hardware
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Securitech’s Solis handle

Securitech’s Solis handle is ligature-resistant and is available in models to work with both mortise and cylindrical locksets.

Securitech’s Solis handle

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