Sliding Toilet Room Door Frame

Accurate Lock and Hardware now has a frame assembly to simplify the installation of their ligature resistant sliding patient toilet room door.  This should be especially helpful for installing this product in existing building remodeling projects.

Accurate Lock and Hardware

1 Annie Place

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Front Installation Solid Surface Toilet

Intersan’s CWC-156 AST-FF Behavioral HealthCare Toilet can be installed from the room side of the wall and is ADA compliant, ligature resistant, floor mounted, back water supply, integral seat fixture.  It is also elongated to help avoid conflicts with wall mounted grab bars behind fixture.

Intersan Manufacturing Company

1748 West Fillmore Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Dual Quick Connect – Wall Mounted Shower Head with Integral Diverter Valve

Intersan’s Dual Quick Connect – Wall Mounted Shower Head with Integral Diverter Valve is a ligature-resistant, attractive solution that provides all the elements needed for a handicapped accessible shower in one device that removes a lot of clutter and institutional looking items, but provides full functionality.  Combining this with with a choice of valve and Intersan’s hand-held shower head and hose for a complete system.  The automatic diverter vale is integral to the head as is the receptor for the hose.

Intersan Manufacturing Company

1748 West Fillmore Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007



Double acting continuous hinge

Pemko Double Acting Continuous Hinge in closed position

A new double acting continuous hinge is now available as a barricade resistant solution.

Pemko has released this hinge which provides 100 degrees of swing in the normal direction and 90 degrees in the emergency swing direction.  It can be electrified for use with door alarms, electric locks and other electrified hardware and is still a ligature resistant hinge.

Typical Open Position
Emergency Open Position

These will allow doors to typically swing into rooms such as patient rooms as well as Group Rooms, Activity Rooms and other rooms in which patients may have the opportunity to barricade themselves.  These hinges may be used with existing door frames (may require some modification) as long as the minimum required clear opening width can be maintained.  This hinge does reduce the clear opening width by 2 ¾”.


Door Stop in Typical Position
Door Stop in Emergency Position

The companion operable stop extends the full height of the door for both security and to close the gap between the edge of the door and the frame.  It securely locks in place with a key and is mounted on a continuous hinge so it easily swings out of the way for emergency operation and swings back into position and relocks after the emergency passes.  A rabbeted stop or applied channel may required on the strike jamb to allow the operable stop to swing out of the way of the door when swinging out into the corridor depending on the position of the door in the frame.

This, and other double acting continuous hinges, is easier to install and adjust than center pivot hinges and provides fewer ligature attachment points.  The gaps at both edges of the door are covered to provide better sound control as well as light and visibility resolution without add on strips that may become ligature hazards.

Acrovyn Wicket Door

Acrovyn Door

Acrovyn Door

Acrovyn clad doors are more durable than wood veneer doors and reduce the need for kickplates that add to institutional appearance of corridors. The edge caps can be easily replaced if they become damaged at much less cost than replacing the door and without the look of stainless steel edge guards.

These are also available in door-within-a-door or “wicket” doors with a smaller panel in the center that is hinged out to allow staff access if the door becomes barricaded.

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Faucet – ligature resistant

This faucet is ligature resistant and the valve assembly is manufadctured by Speakman.  Currently it is only available with sensor activated control.

Behavioral Safety Products – SF370


Behavioral Safety Products
29A N. Main St., Suite 3
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Shower Valve Handle

Weizel Security; SafeSupport SR Retrofit Shower Knob

This handle can be purchased as a complete shower valve assembly or installed on an existing valve to improve its ligature resistance. Matching diverter valve assemblies and/or retrofit handles are also available.

Weizel Security
P. O. Box 276
Blaine, WA 98231-0276

A better-looking and more durable patient room wicket door

Patient Room Doors play a significant role in the visual ambiance of inpatient units as addition to the important physical function it serves.

First, let’s discuss the visual impact of these doors before addressing the physical aspects.

The Patient Room Doors have an impact on the aesthetics of the unit corridors as well as the Patient Rooms themselves. They comprise a significant part of the surface area of the corridor walls. While I do not agree that wood grain necessarily equals residential appearance, it does have a tendency to be less institutional and sterile looking. Stainless steel kickplates are often used to protect the easily damaged finish of wood doors that typically have a very thin veneer. These kickplates or even taller protective stainless steel armor plates greatly reduce the visual benefits of the wood appearance. There are kickplates available that are made from durable plastic materials in a range of colors that soften the visual impact, but still look like a patch on an otherwise attractive door.

One solution is to make all exposed surfaces of the door out of the more durable material which can also have a wood grain appearance. This not only eliminates the need to surface apply panels to take the abuse, it provides easily replaced vertical edge pieces which are also vulnerable to damage. At one time, the cost of these doors was an obstacle for some projects. If one considers the cost of a wood door, finishing the door and adding protective kickplates and other possible protective cladding including labor to install them, these are becoming more comparable on a first cost basis.

Codes and regulations also have a lot to say about Patient Room / Corridor Doors. These requirements often result in tight fitting doors that need to swing into the patient rooms to avoid either restricting the Corridor width or creating alcoves in which patients can hide. In-swinging doors have the potential of being barricaded by patients to keep staff from entering the rooms. One solution to barricading is to provide a door-within-a-door sometimes known as a “wicket” door.

Corridor Side


Patient Room Side

These provide a locked cutout in the center portion of the door which is hinged to swing out into the corridor to allow staff entry if the door is barricaded. The edge of the cutout portion should not provide an open sight line through the door. Either a notched profile of the cutout edges or an applied astragal is needed. Invisible SOSS type hinges are preferred, but a geared continuous hinge is sometimes used if its appearance is deemed acceptable. A locking device for the cutout is needed and varies from a keyed deadlock to a recessed cam lock that can be released with a pinned torx key or similar device. The last piece of hardware needed is a pull of some type to assist staff in pulling the cutout open. The choice of the pull to be used will vary with the hospital’s preference between minimizing the visual impact of the pull and the amount of grip that is desired.

One solution to all of these elements of the Patient Room / Corridor doors is Acrovyn Doors by Construction Specialties, Inc. They can provide a variety of durable appearance options and a selection of choices in the wicket door design and hardware to suit the needs of many projects.