Health Environment Planning

Kimberly McMurray

Institute for Patient Centered Design Innovation Summit

Charleston, South Carolina – Fall 2015

Through the Patient’s Eyes

Kimberly McMurray

A Design Innovation Session

ACE Summit and Reverse Expo, Atlanta, Georgia – February 2016

Behavioral Health Innovations


  • Kimberly McMurray (BHFC),  James M. Hunt (BHFC) & Patricia Paulson (HDR)
  • Institute for Patient Centered Design
  • Behavioral Healthcare Design Conference and Expo
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • November 11, 2018

How and Why Behavioral Health Inpatient Unit Design is Different from Medical/Surgical Units


  • James M. Hunt
  • The Center for Health Design’s Second Annual Health Care Design Workshop

Baltimore, MD.  September 27, 2018

Open House for Behavioral Health Patient Mock-Up Room Project


  • Kimberly McMurray, AIA, EDAC,MB and James M. Hunt, AIA
  • The  Institute for Patient Centered Design
  • VA Hospital, Lyons, New Jersey

Ligature Attachment & Suicide Risk Assessment on Behavioral Health Inpatient Units


Kimberly McMurray, AIA

California Society of Healthcare Engineers (CSHE), San Diego, California – April 19, 2018

Designing Behavioral Health Inpatient Units

Kimberly McMurray, AIA

Cornerstone Healthcare Group, Dallas, Texas – April 5, 2017

Ligature Risk and Suicide Environmental Risk Assessment


Jim Hunt & Kimberly McMurray

Missouri Hospital Association: Psychiatric Network, Webinar – Jan. 24, 2018

Ligature Attachment and Suicide Risk Assessment 

Latest information from The Joint Commission and CMS

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  • Healthcare Design Expo and Conference 2017
  • Orlando, Florida November 12-14, 2017