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James M. Hunt

James M. Hunt, AIA, is a practicing architect and facility management professional with over 45 years of experience. He is a registered Architect and began his career practicing architecture for several major healthcare projects. He then served as director of facilities management for the Menninger Clinic for 20 years. He regularly publishes articles and speaks […]

Medical gas outlet covers

Medical gas outlets in psychiatric patient rooms are a known hazard, especially if devices are attached to the outlets.  If they are in use and tubing and other equipment is present, the concern for risk increases.  If the room has two patients, the risk also exists for the other patient who may not need the […]

Special roller blinds for behavioral health units

Window coverings are an important visual element in any behavioral health care setting.  With the current emphasis on creating “residential”, “home-like” and “welcoming” environment there is interest in how these goals can be achieved safely. Curtains are currently being discouraged by some (including myself) because their track, “break-away” fasteners (which can be grouped together to […]

Double acting continuous hinge

Pemko Double Acting Continuous Hinge in closed position A new double acting continuous hinge is now available as a barricade resistant solution. Pemko has released this hinge which provides 100 degrees of swing in the normal direction and 90 degrees in the emergency swing direction.  It can be electrified for use with door alarms, electric […]

A better-looking and more durable patient room wicket door

Patient Room Doors play a significant role in the visual ambiance of inpatient units as addition to the important physical function it serves. First, let’s discuss the visual impact of these doors before addressing the physical aspects. The Patient Room Doors have an impact on the aesthetics of the unit corridors as well as the […]

Lightweight chair with 300 pound rating

I often suggest the use of a lightweight plastic chair for moveable patient seating in patient bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.  These are durable, don’t break easily and do not make very good weapons for breaking windows or assaulting others. Some facilities have commented that these are not sturdy enough, especially for geriatric patients and will […]

Roller Latches are coming back!

The newly released 2012 Edition of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code has a provision that allows roller latches on Patient Room to Corridor Doors in psychiatric hospital inpatient units. Therefore, concerns about ligature attachment to the various levers, paddles, etc. becomes a non-issue.  All that is needed under this new requirement is a recessed […]

Too much stainless in your patient toilet rooms?

Many facilities are now trying to eliminate as much stainless steel in their Patient Toilet Rooms as possible.  They feel that this is one way to reduce the “institutional” appearance of these rooms.  I agree.  Fortunately, many products (especially toilet accessories) that were once only available in stainless steel are now available with a powder […]