Lightweight Chair with 300 pound rating

I often suggest the use of a lightweight plastic chair for moveable patient seating in patient bedrooms, dining rooms, etc.  These are durable, don’t break easily and do not make very good weapons for breaking windors or assulting others.

Some facilities have commented that these are not sturdy enough, expecially for geriatric patients and will not support heavier patients or adolescents that like to lean back on two legs of the chair.

I recently became aware of a chair that may resolve these issues.  It is the RazorBack chair by Cortech.  The manufacturer recommends this for patients up to 300 pounds.  It has actually passed the ASTM F1561-03 drop weight test to 400 pounds and withstood an informal static load test of 1,500 pounds.  It has also passed the Cal 133 flame retardant test.  It is stackable and available in a variety of colors.

As always, I have no financial of other interest in this or any other product that is featured here or in any of my publications.

For more information, please contact Cortech directly:

Cortech Correctional Technologies, Inc.

7530 Plaza Court

Willowbrook, IL 60527


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